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This is a customized bucket filled with 3 Aeromatic bath bombs.


The Bucket: Colors include White, Bright Yellow and Bright Pink.  The bucket can be customized with a flower, spring scape or personalized with name or monogram. If you are looking for additional personalization ideas...please ask. I can customize in many other ways. Bucket measures 8 1/2" at the top (not including handles) and 7" at the bottom.


The Bath Bombs: Coordinating colors of bath bombs will be provided unless specified in order and in that case will be based on availability. Bath bombs measure about the size of a tennis ball. They do not bubble, but instead fizzle when placed in the tub providing an aroma that fills the tub and bath. They are made with the finest food grade ingredients of baking soda, citric acid and kosher sea salt. The fizzies also contain shea butter colorant and fragrance.


Bath Bomb Choices(Choose 3 of the same or different)

Kiss Me: Jasmine & lily top notes complimented by hints of apple and lime.
Birthday Cake: Absolutely delicious, smells like lemon pound cake!
Plummeria: Jasmine, lily, rose, and lilac with fruity undertones
Cucumber Mellon: Honeydew melon mixed with freshly cut cucumbers and hints of violet.
Tie Dye: Natural patchouli oil with musky undertones.
Festival: Sweet and fruity. Pomegranate, cherry, and about a dozen other fruits. Very Strong!
Blueberry: Very strong blast of fresh blueberries,
Pink Sugar: Cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam with hints of musk. Sweet Tooth approved.
Monkey Farts: Banana, grapefruit, kiwi, and strawberries. Smells much better than the name suggests!

Bath Bomb Bucket

Bucket Color
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